In our children ministry  we tend to the children's needs and discover their God given potential and teach them by helping them develop a respect for God and others.


Our purpose also includes to provide the enjoyment of our services to the parents while there children are having fun  while there learning, we play games that promote team work, we watch videos to educate them about the heroes of the faith, as well as memorize scripture that will help them in their teenage life.

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Soldaditos is a class for 6year-9years  where we continue to develop a strong foundation for their faith we also have fun by participating in all the educational activities and games we provide for them.


Our endeavor is to assist the parents with their children in their development of faith and wisdom for life.

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Dicipulos is a class for 10 years-12years where our teachers dedicate themselves to introduce life skills like social skills, community assistance, self confidence, and much more, we understand that this age groups are closer to teen life and even other to adult maturity, therefore  our endeavor is to assist the parents to prepare them with life skills.

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