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Calling – A strong inner impulse toward a particular course of action especially when accompanied by conviction of divine influence.


The call of God has been on my life to equip the saints.  My wife and I, founded In His Power Christian Center in the early 90’s. We build more than a Church, we created a training center to effectively equip the Believer to discover their call and gifts. From authoring several books and ministering in different  countries, the Holy Spirit has instructed me to EXPAND my apostolic calling to benefit you and your ministry!

My purpose in establishing The Gathering Ministerial Association  (TGMA) is to support, energize and facilitate YOU for the call of God upon your life; to fulfill that calling! To summarize,  to impact nations for the Lord Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit!

God is raising up a bold new generation of preachers to bring revival and reform to the nations. Pray about becoming a member of TGMA family today. I believe that it will greatly enhance your effectiveness as a minister of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I personally invite you to join The Gathering Ministerial Association. My time is devoted to your calling.


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TGMA serves as a covering for those called into the five-fold ministry. TGMA offers three different levels of credentials:  1.) Commission Papers  2.) License, and 3.) Ordination.

TGMA provides fellowship, direction, support, equipping, and accountability for ministers of like precious faith.

FULFILL YOUR CALLING… We are an international organization of active members to support you in every way. My sole desire is to enable and facilitate members to develop their God-given vision and calling for ministry; and to give keen insights into assisting you into fulfilling the Great Commission.

A PURPOSEFUL COVERING… There is wisdom in a multitude of counselors. TGMA was created to provide a sound and seasoned covering for new or existing churches and ministries. Every minister should have someone with experience in ministry and of good reputation that he or she may go to for advice and counsel and have confidential access, we are effective and personal.

AN ETERNAL CONNECTION… Our Membership relates via local conferences, an annual conference, and personal communication with Armando Rodriguez. TGMA believes in the role of the local church for oversight and accountability, yet understands the benefits of a broader fellowship of Christian leaders. Our purpose is to impart and impact YOU, your ministry and calling!


A MINISTERIAL RESOURCE… When your ministry has questions, TGMA will provide access to the knowledge, skills and expertise necessary for you to fulfill the vision God birthed within you.


PERSONAL FELLOWSHIP… Spirit-filled relationships will provide a common bond of strength and encouragement in these last-days. TGMA was created to promote fellowship and interaction between individuals of like-precious faith and provide an environment where pastors and ministers can become better acquainted. TGMA structure is designed to be the vehicle through which experience and wisdom is mutually shared and lasting friendships are developed.

SENDING – The power of the local church is based upon its “sending” capacity.

TRAINING – The Great Commission involves training, teaching, nurturing, and impartation.

EQUIPPING – Ephesians 4:11-12 lists the five different ministry leadership gifts in the church, in order for God’s Church to be built.

PLANTING – TGMA is an apostolic covering to help facilitate the planting of strong or new churches and ministries.

UNITING – Establishment of regional networks to help unite those of like faith in their calling and ministry; to help support, encourage, train, and hold accountable TGMA members.

PREACHING – Assistance as you fulfill the Great Commission in the territory that God gave you and assigned you.


This is for the person who is just beginning his/her ministry experience. Commission papers recognize a call and ministry gift of God on your life. It will provide you with covering, solid counsel and moral support during your foundational years (usually one to two years).


After one or more years holding Commission papers and/or evidence of growth in ministry experience, a minister may apply for a regular Ministry License. The license permits a minister to administer every ministerial function. Most hospitals, jails and prisons will recognize a Ministry License.


This is the highest ministry credential offered by TGMA. After one year as a licensed minister, ministers may apply for Ordination, which allows them to perform all the sacraments and functions of the ministry. Ordained ministers must fulfill all the requirements for experience and provide fruits of a proven ministry call.

Why not apply today? I would love to send you an application.

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